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Marine Adhesive

In the harsh marine environment, adhesives and sealants need to withstand strong UV radiation, humidity, fresh water, and salt water. It is also essential to durably and securely seal add-on components on a ship’s deck and hull, as well as in the interior, as poor workmanship can lead to corrosion, leakage and damage of the GRP laminate.

At H.B. Fuller, we offer optimal product solutions in ship and boat building. Our complete line of marine adhesives and sealants has been specially developed to fulfill all needs during production and to provide long-term stability in the final product in a broad set of applications, including:


  • Deck Systems
  • Interior Bonding and Sealing
  • Cabin Construction (structural)
  • Vessel Construction (structural)
  • Exterior Sealing
  • Below-Water Sealing
  • Glass Bonding
  • Inflatable Boats
  • Sound Damping
  • Marine Electronics and Speakers
  • Weld Mount (Adhesively-bonded Fastener Systems)

When it comes to adhesive technology for marine applications, there is no substitute for Weld Mount adhesively-bonded fastener system. The revolutionary, unique system is designed to remove the need for mechanical fasteners, fixtures, tapping, welding or drilling (as surface bonding Weld Mount fasteners eliminate drilling holes into the core and remove the danger of delamination due to water intrusion) Simply clean the surface, load the cartridge, dispense onto parts, bond in place (allow 12-30 minutes for curing), and use.

The chemists at H.B. Fuller have years of experience in formulating adhesives and sealants for the marine industry and specialize in the development of custom formulations to meet your specific needs.

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