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H.B. Fuller Introduces Product to Market That Is Revolutionizing Filtration

Posted 11/03/2016 by Mike Moren, Durable Assembly Marketing Manager

H.B. Fuller recently introduced the patent pending swift®tak Excelerator™ to market— a state-of-the-art, fast-setting water-based adhesive process system that is paving the path of filtration for the future.

Having recognized a need in the market, one of our assembly technical experts decided to address the demand for a change in technology, and within a matter of a months, a prototype had been developed. This new technology system alleviates the need for using hot melt adhesives in the filtration market, thus allowing for cost savings and improved customer productivity.

Benefits of the swift®tak Excelerator™

The Details

The swift®tak Excelerator™ water-based adhesive applicator is designed for the assembly of HVAC filters. This patent pending adhesive application process speeds up the set time of water-based adhesives, rivaling the speed of thermoplastic hot melt and allowing filter manufacturers to maintain and even increase line speed and productivity. The Excelerator™ system leverages H.B. Fuller swift®tak water-based adhesive technology. Swift®tak emulsion polymers have an extremely high molecular weight, with self-crosslinking grades available, that tends to offer superior water and heat resistance over traditional thermoplastic hot melt adhesives.

The Costs

Converting to a swift®tak Excelerator™ process and a swift®tak waterborne adhesive can reduce the applied adhesive cost up to 30 percent, while maintaining the productivity and line speed of thermoplastic hot melt adhesives.

The Environment

Not only does using a water-based adhesive expend less energy than a hot melt adhesive, but it also can reduce landfill waste. Furthermore, when sprayed down, only water is released into the air, thus not negatively affecting the air quality. At H.B. Fuller, we are committed to minimizing the impact of its products on the environment, and the swift®tak Excelerator™ system is a wonderful addition to our range of eco-friendly products.

A Look Ahead

So far, the response from customers has been incredibly positive, pointing out that the new, water-based adhesive process system can be cost effective when swapped for the traditional hot melt adhesive as less adhesive is required. It also aids in an overall increase in productivity.

Our innovation focus is to discover and address the world’s biggest adhesion challenges, and we are proud to introduce this new solution for the assembly application and filtration markets. Our new process application system speeds up the water‐based adhesive set time so customers can speed up their manufacturing processes in addition to enabling replacement of the hot melt adhesive and reduction of the applied adhesive cost.

Interested in learning more about the swift®tak Excelerator™ adhesive process system? Contact your H.B. Fuller representative today for a line audit and a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model to understand if the swift®tak Excelerator™ solution is right for you.

Be sure to stop by booth #115 at Filtration 2016, held November 8-10 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.


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